Portalrobot PRCS20

PRCS20 – Portal Robot Collecting System

The gantry robot PRCS20 is the all-purpose machine of our slitter-setup-robots especially for heavy tools and large diameters.

The stable construction of the robot has provon itself over the years and is one reason for its exceptionally long service life. A selfsupporting steel structure forms the skeleton of the robot. The moving tower is guided and driven by floor and ceiling rails. All three axles are moved via servo motors. As a result, the robot could achieve a cycle time lower then 5s per tool, making it one of the fastest slitter-setup-robots on the market

The PRCS20 is fully enclosed, providing the best protection against dust and dirt for the tools in the stock warehouse.

The standard model has a length of 6 metres and can be extended by 1.5 metre elements as an option. Depending on the tool size, the robot thus offers up to 350 tool arms.

Integrated into the robot control is a slitter setup program that calculates the ideal composition for every possible strip width on the basis of its tools.