A gantry robot for tool setup from NLT Automation makes the assembly of the slitter shafts on cutting lines computer-controlled accurate and fast.

Changing tools fully automatic means better working conditions for the operators and more precise setups.

Mechanic, electric and programming of our system are made by NLT. For this reason we are able to install our system at nearly every old or new slitting line.

The build in tool assembly program provides a tool list for the slitter shafts tailored to the individual needs of each customer.

Gantry Robot PRCS20

The patented gantry robot PRCS20® consists of a self carrying steel construction which includes the driving profiles for the portal. The robot portal itself is a pillar construction which is driven by three servo motors, one on the floor and two at the roof. According to this the PRCS20® reaches a cycle time of 6s per tool. The PRCS20® is completely covered what means that the tools in store are protected of dirt and dust. Normally the PRCS20® is available in a length of 6 metres with the possibility to extend by elements of 1.5 meters.

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Gantry Robot PRCS30

With the PRCS30, we have developed a solution for medium tooling sizes. Thanks to a high degree of standardization, we can also offer the PRCS30 for smaller automation budgets.

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Gantry Robot OCTO40

The portal robot OCTO40 with its new design is built especially for smaller tooling sizes. With its small dimensions, it is particularly suitable for confined space in the production area.

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Automatic knife measurement – Edge Control Unit

The worldwide unique NLT Automation Edge Control Unit is directly integrated into the portal robot.
While dismantling a used setup the robot hands over knifes to the Edge Control Unit. Here the quality of the knife edge is measured, checked for breaks and classified for the further production.

Depending on the version the Edge Control Unit is either loaded by the robot or by an own manipulator. The usual manual knife control is not needed anymore and is replaced by an objective measurement.

NLT – Millimeter Gripper

The NLT Portal Robot is the only robot with a one millimeter gripper system. Combined with the standard three finger gripper, there is a second, magnet using, millimeter gripper. This gripper takes narrow spacers exact and repeatable whenever they are needed.

Also with tool sizes around one millimeter the NLT System is the perfect choice for an automated cutting process with every strip width.

NLT – QR-Code System

For the exact tool recognition and data collection about the use of tooling, NLT Automation offers a QR-Code system.
With a small and precise manufactured QR code on every single tool it is not only possible to control the setups, but also to follow up the use and wear of every single knife.
Therefore the NLT QR-Code system leads to an efficient use of the tooling and perfect store structure.

Control station

To take used or checked tools into the robot or to bring them out, it is possible to install a control station.
Consisting of a stabile box section the control station is stored on a 180 degree turn able sprocket and movable on a linear guiding.
Four store arms on each side allow a safe equipping and removing of tools to the system.

Camera monitoring

For monitoring the working area of the robot it is possible to install a camera plus display with a permanent live feed function.