More than 80 robot installations and over 25 years of experience make NLT Automation GmbH one of the leading companies in the field of automation of tool assembly robots around the world.

Quality, reliability and speed are crucial for a robot from NLT. A cycle time (build time per tool) of less than 4 seconds is possible with our product.

All robot systems are based on the same technology, further developed by NLT since 1996. Which model is right for you depends on your space, tools and speed.

Portalrobot PRCS20

The PRCS20 (Portal Robot Collecting System) is the all-purpose machine of our slitter-setup-robots especially for heavy tools and large diameters.

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Portalrobot PRCS30

With the PRCS30, we have developed a solution for medium tooling sizes. Thanks to a high degree of standardization, we can also offer the PRCS30 for smaller automation budgets.

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The portal robot OCTO40 with its new design is built especially for smaller tooling sizes. With its small dimensions, it is particularly suitable for confined space in the production area.

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