Additions for all types of NLT Portal Robots.

Magnet Gripper

Magnet Gripper The NLT gantry robots can be equipped with a magnetic gripper system. This addition to the standard 3-finger gripper accurately and repeatedly grips and moves narrow spacers whenever they are needed. Our Gripping system The heart of every robot is our gripper system, which has been further developed for decades. Over the years, […]

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ECU – Edge Control Unit

ECU – Edge Control Unit When dismantling a „used set-up“, the robot can transfer the knives to the automatic knife edge control unit. Here the quality of the knife edge is measured, checked for breaks and classified for further production. Depending on the version, the ECU is loaded either by a robot or by its […]

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Data Matrix Code System

Data Matrix Code System Do you need accurate tool identification and data collection on tool usage? We offer a data matrix code reader to identify tools by their embedded code to track the usage and wear of each blade to analyze their role in the final product.

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Tool cleaning system

Tool cleaning system The fully automatic washing system is directly adapted to the NLT tool assembly robots. The tools are transferred by the NLT robot or an additional industrial robot. While the washing unit works in parallel with the NLT robot, it cleans and removes dirt, dust, oils and scale. After cleaning, the tools are […]

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Double Tower

High-Performance! Double Tower – Double Speed A second gantry can be installed in both the PRCS20 and the PRCS30. This increases the speed enormously, so that the construction time can be halved. It is also possible to equip two turnstiles at the same time.

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Tool exchange station

Tool exchange station A control station can be integrated into the robot for the intake and ejection of inspected or used knives. Consisting of a rigid box section, the control station is mounted on a 180-degree rotating gear rim andcan be moved via linear guides. Four tool mandrels on both sides allow safe loading and […]

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