About us

Innovations for the Metal Processing Industry

Norder Lagertechnik was established in 1995 as part of the Glave Group, a family-owned company in Norden, East Friesland. Since that time we became famous in the world for our innovative range of products for the finishing in rolling mills and the connected service centres for stainless steel, ordinary steel and non-ferrous metal.

Mainly the tool assembly robot for slitting lines developed by us, and for which we hold four patents, has made us the market leader in this field. Currently more than 80 robots are in use in all of Europe, including 9 at our affiliated company Norder Band AG.

We develop concepts and solutions for real problems in a service centre and then succesfully introduce the products developed to the market. The know-how that our company acquired increased with each year.

Thus, for example the cutting tool change has been accelerated enormously. In addition to this, the operating of the slitting lines has been simplified and the robot now does all straining labour.

Additional products we develop and offer are:

  • Automatic separator systems
  • Packaging lines e. g. with vacuum stacker
  • Multiple travers winder
  • Cleaning systems for cutting tools

Our second main area is the revamping of slitting lines and the building of special machinery construction and line PLC-automation.

All products come as a direct result of requirements from Norder Band AG. Since 25 years problem solving is being done based on practical experience. Highly qualified members of staff develop and construct suitable solutions in close cooperation with you.